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Repairs & Adjustments

We offer wide-ranging hearing aid repairs and are more than happy to restore your hearing device to working order.

Stay connected to the sounds and voices that matter most.

Repair, Adjustments & Cleaning

From minor issues to more extensive problems, we have the tools and expertise to fix a variety of hearing device issues.  We have contracts with most manufacturers for repairs and we also have the software to adjust most models of hearing aids. If your hearing aid needs an adjustment, repair, or cleaning please do not hesitate to call us.


The performance of your hearing aids depends on top-quality batteries.  If your hearing aid batteries aren’t performing like they should, you could be missing out on many of the sounds and voices that make life richer and more enjoyable. Today’s technologically advanced hearing aids require high-quality, specialized batteries.

At Southern Alberta Hearing Aid we provide you with premium batteries that are designed for long life and superior performance.  We are happy to replace your batteries at low-cost to make it easy and affordable to get the hearing aid batteries you need, when you need them.