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Hearing Aids

We're dedicated to client satisfaction, so we'll do our best to find you a hearing aid that suits your needs. We'll take your lifestyle into account and work to find a unit that has the correct features, size, and shape to suit your body and your needs. We're highly experienced in the field, so we strive to answer all of your questions in a thorough manner.

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Types of Hearing Aids

Our hearing aids come in many different styles, designed with your comfort in mind. We have hearing aids that you can wear: Completely in the canal, in the canal, in the ear, with a receiver in the ear, behind the ear

Phonak Hearing Aids


We keep our prices affordable so that you can get the device you need. We want to help you improve your life with our work as hearing aid professionals, so we'll take all the details of your situation into account when helping you choose a hearing aid. When you're ready to learn more about our options, give our office a call to schedule an appointment.


The technology used in hearing aids is becoming more advanced every day.  Hearing aids are now smaller, more flexible, and produce better sound quality than ever before. Some of the options for hearing aids are:

Marvel Hearing Aids

Marvel Hearing Aids
What sets the new Marvel platform in a league of its own is not just the individual features alone, but the combination of all. They feature all of Phonak’s cutting edge technologies integrated into one cohesive system, working harmoniously together.

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Hearing Aid

Open Fit
An open fit hearing aid fits behind the ear and is connected to a plastic ear mold or dome that fits comfortable inside of the ear. Many of these plastic domes have tiny air pockets which allow air to pass through the ear canal making sound more natural and reducing the effects of occlusion. This hearing aid amplifies high frequency sound without blocking the ear canal. Sound travels from the hearing aid through a narrow tube and into the ear. This narrow tube sits flush against the face, making this style of hearing aid cosmetically appealing.

Hearing Aid

Behind the Ear (BTE)
The electrical components of the hearing aids are held in a slim case that sits behind the ear. It is connected to an earmold that fits inside the ear and is attached to the hearing aid by a thin, clear tube. Sounds processed by the hearing aid are sent through the ear by this tube and earmold. BTE aids are used by individuals of all ages for mild to profound hearing loss. It is the largest hearing aid and allows more power than other styles.

Hearing Aid

In the Ear (ITE)
In-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids fit completely inside the outer ear and are used for mild to severe hearing loss. The case holding the electronic components is made of hard plastic known as the shell. ITE’s are the largest of the custom products.

Hearing Aid

Canal Hearing Aids (ITC or CIC)
Canal aids fit into the ear canal and are available in two styles. The in-the-canal (ITC) hearing aid is made to fit the size and shape of a person’s ear canal. A completely-in-canal (CIC) hearing aid is nearly hidden in the ear canal. Both types are used for mild to moderately severe hearing loss.

Choosing the right hearing aid can be difficult with wide assortment of products to choose from. Let our professionals evaluate your hearing loss and determine the best hearing device for your needs.

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